This program is dedicated for companies whose core business is designing and manufacturing packaging. It’s features allow to design cardboard and solid board packaging quickly and effectively. At the moment, the program includes database of 214 ready to use templates of standard packaging. They are divided into corrugated board (FEFCO) and solid board (ECMA). The database is being constantly expanded, so after purchasing the program, it is possible to update it and use new templates.

Another available module enables creating own drawings “from scratch” or modifying drawings already generated by the program. This extra module includes many features such as: drawing, cropping, rotating and many more.

Operating the program is very easy and does not require a lot of experience. To draw a scheme just click the right icon (FEFCO or ECMA) and enter necessary parameters. In case of corrugated board there is a choice of 6 materials: flute F, E, B, C, EB or BC. In case solid board, just enter the thickness of material.

If any of the data exceeds limit values, program informs you about it. If it is a two-part box, the lid and the bottom will be drawn on two separate layers. Finished project can be saved as native program format (.tlkart) or can be exported to: “.dxf”, ".cf2", ".hpg", ".nc" or ".svg" format.

layer prop.
User can easily check the drawing format and dimension of ready sheet once the drawing is ready.

Another helpful feature of the program is arranging layouts. This involves organizational principles of composition to achieve the optimal layout. The program will automatically collect the size of the sheet for selected number of single units or check if selected number of units fit in the sheet.

Lids and bottoms can be arranged in 24 different ways. Either separately or together in one layout. You can choose also the optimal arrangement, so that the program can choose the most economical arrangement as possible. The program operates on standard formats: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, B0, B1, B2, B3 or B4, 15 formats proper for common die cutting machines, or any manually entered format. The application can also calculate the dimension of the sheet after specifying the margin from the knife to the edge of the sheet.

If the program is used by the die cut manufacturer, a necessary will be module of die-cut construction. The user can put bridges on the knife lines and plywood perimeter. There is also a function for easy drawing of the die boards, automatically inserting elements such as centering notches, fastening holes, compensating knives...

The program includes an option that allows calculating the price of the material, as well as approximate cost of die cut tool. After providing the cost of 1 m2 of raw material, the program calculates: area of the knives, dimension of the sheet and the cost of the sheet.

Similarly, after providing the cost of 1 meter of the knife, the program calculates: length of the knives in whole die cut tool, price of the single die cut and, if the single units were arranged in the sheet, the price of whole die cut tool. When designing two-part packaging, the program calculates above prices separately for the lid and bottom.

The module "Advanced price calculation" allows You to perform comprehensive valuation of production, taking into account costs such as die cut, die cutting, paper, laminating, printing, foliation and varnishing. This allows for the build of price lists of paper, printing, foliation and lacquering. So this valuation takes into account the volume, currency and additional costs.

When constructing unusual packaging, you can use “drawing functions”. Available features allow to draw lines, rectangles, arcs, etc. While drawing, the user can change the landmarks, to which the cursor is pulled in. Another important feature allows to shift, rotate and modify already drawn objects.

The program also includes the TLPALLET add-on - an application that helps arrange packages on a pallet. This is a simple but useful program that allows calculate the number of packages that fit on a given pallet, and indicate their optimal arrangement as well.

TL-KARTON is sold modularly. It is therefore possible to purchase program with specific features like:
  • - set of macros that generates drawings for corrugated board packaging (currently 134 templates)
  • - set of macros that generates drawings for solid board packaging (currently 80 templates)
  • - set of macros that generates non standard drawings for corrugated board packaging (currently 26 templates)
  • - set of macros that generates non standard drawings for solid board packaging (currently 14 templates)
  • - set of macros than arrange geometric figures in a form (currently 10 methods)
  • - “hand” drawing and modifying generated projects feature
  • - arranging single units in a sheet feature
  • - support for die cut design feature
  • - calculating feature included as a standard
  • - comprehensive valuation of whole package production