Welcome to TL-DESIGN. Company was founded in 2011. We specialize in creating of CAD software for packaging industry.

Our offer combines passion for programming and years of experience gained in the packaging design. The offered software supports the work of both designers and traders. Over 200 companies from Poland and other countries have already trusted us. Thanks to the accessible price, our software is used by both large and small companies.

Since 1991 we have been able to work with many programming languages (chronologically):

  • - Atari Basic (1991)
  • - Commodore Basic (1992)
  • - Microprocessor 6502 assembler (1994)
  • - Turbo Pascal (1997)
  • - C++ (1999)
  • - Intel line 80x86 processors assembler (2004)
Of course these 8-bits computers are now archaic and writing software for them can be now treated as a hobby. However getting to know assemblers of their processors makes possible to create algorithms and above all, let us optimize the code in terms of using CPU time and main memory. Currently all our programs are created in C++.

Contact us to discuss all details and necessary information we need to create the most efficient solution for Your business.